Guess what i’ve been watching

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Since it’s Erica Reyes Appreciation Week and also Sunday which means you can do whatever you want: Erica :)

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WIP/ First sketch

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I sat there with my crayons  like a five year old

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a birthday card for a friend ( i probably went a bit over board..)

I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and HOLY FUCK i think i’m in love with a movie

It’s 4 am and i should sleep, but i did this….

A WIP :)

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Quick Sterek sketch :)

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i have a new computer (jay! :D ) and a new drawing program (Autodesk Sketchbook for Macbook) and it’s awesome!So i decided to draw Elsa (again, sorry, i am obsessed). i hope you like it :)

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